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2020-06-02 06:10 pm

A Note About Tags! *revised 06/02/2010*

As you can see, my tag section is HUGE.  Over my time of reading other people's LiveJournals, as well as expanding my writing, I decided to try and make things as easy to find as possible.  Given how hard it is to search within LJ and how some people tag their entries, I wanted to try and make things as easy as possible to find things in mine.

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2010-05-31 11:02 am
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2010-05-31 10:33 am

Ok, I guess I should start using this....

... /chuckle. I've been using LJ and didn't really think about putting things here until... well... now /laugh.

Right now I'm just going to put things over here in bulk -- I'll organize everything later.